A Parade For Snookie

Terri’s dog Snookie passed away at the old age of 14 this morning. In her honor, we celebrated her with our own strange version of a jazz funeral, walking up and down the block. She never liked fireworks or thunder, so I really wonder what her reaction would have been to our parade….The mourners/celebrants: Terri, Becky, Roger, Lisa, Avery, Silas, David, Shari, Catie, Philip, Keith, Mike, Janice.

Uncle Sparks’ Video Revue #15

My cousin Christopher’s 5th grade class is doing a project inspired by the book “Flat Stanley”. The book is about a boy who is flattened like a pancake and must adjust to life without physical depth.One of the things that Stanley does is to mail himself to California. Christopher’s class has created flat versions of themselves and have mailed them to friends and family, who are writing notes and taking pictures, and mailing them on to someone else.

I received Flat Christopher from my mom, and wanted to bring him someplace that most people haven’t been. My friend Brad agreed to a quick tour of a projection booth at the theatre he manages.

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Uncle Sparks’ Video Revue #12

Videoblogging Week 2006 – Day 6!!! An evening at Sons & Daughters Club for karaoke!

Thanks to everyone for putting up with the camera & happy birthday Catie!

Thanks to Rocky, Chris, Eric, Bob, Leslie, Becky, Catie, Philip, Mike, Shelly and Darcy — the best barkeep a bunch of drunken theatre folks could ask for!

Music: “Dopping 2000” from Freedom Power Music For Film & Television