Uncle Sparks’ Video Revue #17

Summer’s over.

Some projects are done, some are starting to see fruition.

Friends have moved. Friends have resurfaced.

And it’s about damn time I posted another video.

ETC, one of the manufacturers that the day job is a dealer for hosts a workshop every summer for their dealers. Along with 3 full days of seminars and hands-on training, there is a bit of fun.

This episode of the Revue starts with a few shots of the interior of ETC’s corporate headquarters & factory, then moves on to the annual softball game. And we finish up where every good business trip finishes: drunks singing karaoke in a bowling alley.


Music: “Dopping 2000” Music for Film & Television — Freedom Power
“Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)” Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
“Caper at the Coffee House” 77 Sunset Strip — Warren Barker Orchestra

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Uncle Sparks’ Video Revue #15

My cousin Christopher’s 5th grade class is doing a project inspired by the book “Flat Stanley”. The book is about a boy who is flattened like a pancake and must adjust to life without physical depth.One of the things that Stanley does is to mail himself to California. Christopher’s class has created flat versions of themselves and have mailed them to friends and family, who are writing notes and taking pictures, and mailing them on to someone else.

I received Flat Christopher from my mom, and wanted to bring him someplace that most people haven’t been. My friend Brad agreed to a quick tour of a projection booth at the theatre he manages.

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