Uncle Sparks’ Video Revue #17

Summer’s over.

Some projects are done, some are starting to see fruition.

Friends have moved. Friends have resurfaced.

And it’s about damn time I posted another video.

ETC, one of the manufacturers that the day job is a dealer for hosts a workshop every summer for their dealers. Along with 3 full days of seminars and hands-on training, there is a bit of fun.

This episode of the Revue starts with a few shots of the interior of ETC’s corporate headquarters & factory, then moves on to the annual softball game. And we finish up where every good business trip finishes: drunks singing karaoke in a bowling alley.


Music: “Dopping 2000” Music for Film & Television — Freedom Power
“Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)” Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
“Caper at the Coffee House” 77 Sunset Strip — Warren Barker Orchestra

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